2014 Final Report

Tuesday, September 16, the Appleton Public Library Board of Trustees voted to approve the Library Needs Assessment, Site Evaluation and Prefunding Schematic Design Final Report which included four recommendations. An additional two recommendations were brought forth by library administration, based on community feedback. The recommendations that the Board of Trustees approved are as followed:

1. Continue ongoing friendly negotiations with the owners of the identified properties with the goal of acquiring and combining the properties to create a site for a new facility.

2. When funding has been established and property has been secured, issue an RFP for design services for the new building.

3. Construct a new facility to accommodate an expanded Appleton Public Library, incorporating OWLS through tenancy or condo agreement as a service partner. Incorporate compatible services from the Department of Parks and Recreation should that department and jurisdictional authority agree.

4. Work with existing property owners to find a suitable tribute through the use of memory materials as a permanent part of the new library.

5. Work closely with City of Appleton departments and stakeholders to ensure that this project serves as an opportunity to solve parking and traffic issue in a holistic manner for downtown.

6. Construct a facility in accordance with the City of Appleton's Sustainability Strategic Initiative to the greatest extent that the community is willing to support.

If you have questions about the library project, we want to know. We are available for questions any time in-person at any of our service desks, via email at info@apl.org or by phone at (920) 832-6170.