Community Advisory Committee

The Appleton Public Library Community Advisory Committee (CAC) met for the first time May 29, 2013. The committee consisted of nine community members and one Appleton Public Library staff member. Each member serving on the committee was strategically picked, in order to cover as many demographics from our community as possible. The goal of the CAC was to provide community input and guidance to the Appleton Public Library as the 2013 strategic plan was created. The CAC met a total of four, three hour sessions, starting in May and ending in August of 2013. Minutes from each session can be found in the attachments below.  

Session One
The committee was introduced to the new community-based strategic planning process, APL 150. Mayor Hanna was also present to give an overview of the importance of this planning process, as well as the mission of the City of Appleton.

Committee members were asked to brainstorm the vision of the library - or in other words, what is it that the library does the best. Members created small collages of photos and words, and used those collages to explain what makes the library unique to them. Members were asked to come to the second session with their wording for the vision of the library.

Session Two
The committee was asked to share their individual statements with respect to the vision of the library. The CAC weeded out the strongest ideas from the individual lists and then ranked them. The CAC agreed that the strongest idea of a new vision for APL was "transforming human potential".

The CAC then spent time brainstorming what they would like to see for future services at the Appleton Public Library. In the last few minutes of the meeting, the CAC also performed a SWOT analysis on the current state of the library. It was noted that the SWOT analysis of the CAC was very similar to the answers from the public survey.

Session Three
During the meeting members were asked to share how they feel about the new vision of the library - "transforming human potential". The CAC, along with several Appleton Public Library staff members, felt the wording was too global - coming to the agreement that "transforming community potential" would better be suited for a new vision of the library.

The CAC then spent some time brainstorming strategies for APL to fulfill to meet the vision. After brainstorming a list of several strategies and combining the like ideas into one category, the final list of strategic pillars the CAC created was: Learning, Community Collaboration, Technology, Environment, Fun and Entertainment, and Talent and Youth Services.

From this point, APL Director Colleen Rortvedt was asked to take these pillars and come up with a refined presentation for the next CAC meeting.

Session Four
Committee members refined the vision statement of the library. The CAC created a final vision statement of "Where potential is transformed into reality".

In the second portion of the meeting, Director Rortvedt reviewed the strategic planning document and the suggestions she received from staff and trustees. From this point, the CAC added a few suggestions for modifications to the planning document. CAC facilitator Ben Fauske reviewed the communication plan for the final document.