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Where can I learn more about the building process?

You can find all of the information pertaining to the process, including our strategic plan, program design study and more on this website. We also welcome questions and comments in-person, via email at or by phone at (920) 832-6170.

I just started following the library building process. What planning has been done up until this point?

The planning process began in 2008 with a Building and Services Study. All recommendations from that study that could be accomplished in the existing facility have been completed. A Program Design Study was completed in 2009 that included space needs for the library of the future. From 2012 to 2013, we completed extensive community-based strategic planning, resulting in our long-term vision and strategies.

During the spring of 2014, architectural firm Engberg Anderson was hired to update the 2009 Program design Study, which meets the defined goals of the 2013 strategic plan. Based on the assessment completed by Engberg Anderson and extensive property evaluation completed by library staff, the Library Board of Trustees voted unanimously in favor of the recommendation to move forward with a more in-depth evaluation of site 3C - the existing Trinity Luther Church and Fox Banquets & Rivertyme Catering sites.

During the August 20 City of Appleton Common Council Meeting, Council passed a Resolution of Necessity, which states that we can begin the negotiation process with the owners of the proposed site. The negotiation process continues.

September 16, the concept and budget development was presented for decision by the Appleton Public Library Board of Trustees. The library board voted in favor of moving forward with the project.

Wednesday, November 12, the City of Appleton Common Council approved the Mayor's 2015 budget, which included $5 million in Capital Improvement Project funds for the library. With this money in the budget, the library and the City of Appleton may continue moving forward with the library building project.

What's wrong with the current library?

Based off of the 2013 community-based strategic plan, APL 150, the current facility does not meet the needs of the community. As the library strives to fulfill its mission and vision, the facility is falling behind on standards for contemporary urban libraries.

• Safety and security are issues in the current building that can be addressed by innovations in library building design.
• The current facility did not have any computers when it was built. We currently have 69 public access computers and limited options for expansion.
• Limitations of the current facility do not allow for the volume and types of meeting space that a modern library requires.
• Patron parking spaces are often blocked by delivery vehicles due to inadequate space for loading and unloading library materials.
• The costs of changing library spaces are considerably higher because of the inflexible infrastructure.

What can you do in a new building that you can't do in the current building?

A 21st century library is a community-planned, people-friendly place for discovery, inspiration, learning and gathering. In a new building we can:

• Create flexible space, built to change as library services evolve.
• Meet modern technology needs of the community.
• Increase the visibility of downtown area and provide economic development.
• Provide more programming space with accessibility after library hours.
• Enable library visitors to be creators rather than just consumers.
• Furnish collaborative spaces.

How has library usage changed since 1981, when the current facility opened?

Historical Growth 1981 2013
Volumes 168,365 342,849
Public Computers 0 69
Meeting Room Use Per Year 110 4,183
Annual Circulation 593,123 1,448,958
Average Visitors Per Day 600 1,600