Site Selection

In order to define what type of facility we needed to provide responsible library service to our community, we needed to identify a best-fit location. As part of the 2014 Building Program, a series of interviews were conducted with stakeholders in the community to identify potential sites for the library. A total of 15 sites were identified, including the current site. More information about the criteria and sites can be found by visiting the 2014 Building Program webpage.

After the 15 sites were scored, the top three sites were pulled from the ranking for further evaluation. Those three sites included the current site, the Post-Crescent and Horsch Appliance site and three variations of the Trinity Lutheran Church, Fox Banquets and Rivertyme Catering and UW-Clinic site.

In order to evaluate the three sites, the architects created building configurations for each of the three sites, which may be found in the attachments below. The configurations were based off of the size recommendations from the Program Design Study. The criteria for the Building Concept Evaluation, which may be found in the attachments below, was weighed with factors including:

• Previous Site Selection Criteria
• Staff Efficiency
• Expandability
• Collection Organization
• Materials Flow
• Site Access Average
• Public Wayfinding
• Merchandising Collection
• Adaptability and Flexibility
• Quality and Character
• Civic Presence and Identity
• Site Amenities

The architects then worked to create a very broad Cost Matrix for each of the sites. The Cost Matrix, along with the Cost Appendix, may be found in the attachments below. The criteria for the Cost Matrix included:

• Site Acquisition Cost
• Demolition/Remediation Cost
• Library Remodeling Cost
• Total Construction Cost
• Escalation
• Professional Services Fees
• Furniture, Fixture and Equipment Cost
• Moving and Relocation Fees
• Cost of Temporary Library Space
• Collection Enhancement

Finally, the architects created a Site Value Index for each of the three sites, which may be found in the attachments below. The Site Value Index was calculated using the total score of the Building Concept Evaluation divided by the total estimated project cost.

The final recommendation presented to the Appleton Public Library Board of Trustees was to proceed with a more in-depth evaluation of the Trinity Lutheran Church and Fox Banquets and Rivertyme Catering site, based on the Building Concept Evaluation, Cost Matrix and Site Value Index. Tuesday, April 15 during the Appleton Public Library Board of Trustees April Board Meeting, Trustees voted unanimously in favor of the recommendation.

The final Site Study Report compiled by architectural firm Engberg Anderson and the Appleton Public Library can be found in the attachments below. Other informational attachments include the comparison of the original five sites and facility layouts, the Building Concept Evaluation, the Cost Matrix and Appendix and the Sites Value Index.

A video of the board meeting, which provides a complete explanation of the site selection process is available on the City of Appleton website.